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The Educational Scholarship Program funds scholarships for highly motivated students to attend AISS schools, a dynamic program offering an American curriculum in the Arab world. The core of our teaching cultivates values of respect, compassion and integrity into each of our students so that they will emerge with intellectual, physical, social and emotional strength and the ability to combat prejudice and fully engage in the global community. Most of our scholarship program focuses on low-income students but some fund students of law enforcement families. More than eighty-seven percent of AISS students receive financial aid.

The Student Interchange Program fosters dialogue between children of the United States and the Arab world. It aims to create an interactive platform that brings together students and builds understanding, friendship and peace through education. Cross-cultural summer camps and video-conferencing, allows students in both countries to develop the friendships and the trust necessary to change perceptions and bring people together.

The American Leadership Series is a new bilateral political exchange program that connects U.S. leaders (elected officials, members of the media, and business leaders) with students, parents and the community at large. Our objective is to increase citizens’ awareness of democratic concepts and institutions, develop community leadership skills and enhance the role of the citizen in Arab society in order to encourage democratic development through more responsive and accountable governance. These exchanges afford future Arab leaders insight into the best practices for democratic governance and the chance to share with American leaders life in the Arab world.

The Teacher Education and Professional Development Program provides basic and advanced teacher training for AISS staff and teachers from local school systems. The George Washington University (GWU), School of Human Development and Education has partnered with AISS to make available a comprehensive professional development program for teachers. Five courses upgrade content knowledge and instructional expertise, develop capacity in the use of interactive technology, and establish professional collaborations with U.S. faculty.

The Conflict Resolution And Peace-Studies Curriculum Development Program aims to bring the concepts of human rights, tolerance, and conflict resolution into mainstream education in the Arab world. In cooperation with the George Washington University, AISS is currently designing curriculum materials on human rights, tolerance, and conflict resolution to be used in middle schools. AISS will then conduct training programs to help teachers and school administrators integrate these materials into their standard curricula.

Empowering Women Through Literacy Program provides training for adult women in reading, writing and basic math so that they feel empowered to become active participants in society and take charge of their own development. Additional issues that are addressed in classes include: civic education and conflict control, women’s empowerment, violence against women, health, and the environment.

The Adult Literacy Program aims to enable every adult learner and women in particular to acquire the necessary basic skills in reading, writing and do basic arithmetic by taking the first step in the journey towards becoming well-versed citizens.

The Health and Nutrition Program seeks to facilitate and promote sustained improvements in the health and nutritional status of women, children and families. Schools have a fully equipped clinic with a doctor and nurses on staff who offer free comprehensive health care. In addition the clinics support many local health care initiatives to ensure that children, their mothers and other caregivers have access to and use key health and nutrition services and adopt healthy behaviors. We focus our efforts on maternal and newborn health, child health, adolescent health, school health, emergency health and nutrition.