Girls Have A 40/60 Chance of Finishing Primary Education In Pakistan

Approximately 41% of Pakistani girls fail to complete primary schooling, according to a report published by the Global Campaign for Education (GCE) entitled “Make It Right: Ending the Crisis in Girls’ Education.”

Educating girls and women is one of the most important investments a society can make.

Not only does it help them build self-confidence, make informed decisions, critically evaluate information, which is crucial in the battle against extremism — it has a economic multiplier effect. That’s because educated women are key to a more educated workforce, an efficient labor force, higher productivity, and a greater progress of economic development. Their children are also healthier, and better educated, as they use their own education to nurture the next generation.

The biggest barrier to girl’s education in Pakistan is a lack of access. According to a different report by the United Nations in 2010, 80% of primary schools in rural areas of Pakistan are open to boys while only 50 percent were open to girls.

The American International School System is already helping to redress this issue by providing a primary education for both boys and girls. We believe that if girls are given the chance to learn and thrive in safe schools with good teachers, it will lead to a more secure and prosperous Pakistan.